Sunday, January 28, 2007


I have found this question “who am I?" as one of the most important things in my life. I have been spending a lot of times to think of what other people think about me, look at me, say about me and act on me. I was rarely thinking of who I am, what I am doing, and how far I am from my dream/where I am now.

I usually defined what was right and wrong based on what other people said and thought. I sometimes forgot my own identities, my spiritual being. Thus, my happiness and peace were totally depended on the other persons. When people said some things good about me, I was very happy and excited, but when they said bad things about me, I was sad, unhappy and lost of energy to lead my life toward my dreams.

I spend a lot of time to think and reflect on this matter. I also practice Yoga meditation to find the answer of who I am. I have then found it clear that my happiness and peace are actually inside me. It is basically from my own thinking. When I have a negative thought, I am in suffering or sadness. When I have a positive thought, I am confident and happy. The thoughts which I mean is like a seed. If I hold a good thought(positive thought), it provides me a feeling of joy and confident. In the same way, if I plant a mango seed, I will get a mango tree. Therefore, the thoughts that I choose give the meaning to my life, and happiness and peace are depended on what kind of thoughts I have. It is me that gives me happiness and sadness.

In conclusion, to create our own happiness is to learn to master our own thoughts. Learn to be aware of who we are, what kind of thoughts we are holding in every minute that we have. Thus, it is very important to spend some times for ourselves with ourselves to think of who we are instead of thinking of what other people think or say about us. And I am confident to say that we are old enough to be our own, to know what is the right to do.

Understand ourselves and be aware of who we are, are the key to master our lives.


Daroth (Da) said...


Reading this post makes me think that I am not the only one person who faces a challenge in life and it's not just a day or a week or a month to think and to look for an answer for this question. It has taken me years and continually thinking "Who I am", "How to obtain a happiness from my heart, a joy of happiness".

All in all, we have to listen to voice from within, who we are and want we want to do. We are responsible for our lives.

Globalization is good but if we really want to step into it with a good practice we have to know our identity and have a position for ourselves.

Frinship is an encouragement and also a light of hope.

Thanks for sharing me your blog.

Daroth (Da)

sovann said...

Hi! Chariya,

"Who am I?" this is a question when I sometimes look at the mirror and ask myself. I totally agree with what you said. For I have experienced myself about great inner energy when I think or imagine of something good. It gives me strength and teaches me the purpose of life. Would there be no one but ourselve who know the answer.


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