Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Welcome Party at Prof. Yoshida's Lab

Wow...all of my seniors are Japanese here. Though some classes are taught in English at university, Japanese language is considered as an important tool for our daily life as long as we are in Japan.

Sometimes it is difficult to share our view in class, but here, out of the classroom, is a good place for some students to express their own opinion with friends and teacher.

In Japan it is quite common to go out for a party or a small gathering with friends and professor. Thus the relationship is quite open.

However, some professors or laboratories don't have such activities and it doesn't mean it is boring. It might be good in one way or another. Therefore, students enjoy their lives in many ways in Japan.

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mutarika said...

I actually came across your blog by accident. But I'm very glad to have found and read your writing.

Enjoy your new chapter of life. How I have no worry you will learn great things from your life here ;-)

Come visit my blog if you have time!

Your AYF 8th Batch senpai,

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