Monday, June 18, 2007

Field trip at Miyake Island(Tokyo)

Miyake is a round volcanic island with an area of 55.5 km2 and a circumference of 38 km, which lies in the Pacific Ocean about 180 km SSW of Tokyo. The island enjoys a warm humid climate brought about by the Japan Current flowing around it.
Our field trip was to explore how the government of Japan and Miyake people developed and recovered the island after the volcanic ash, gas and mud deluge inflicted serious damage on 60% of the woods of island at the eruption of 2000.
We met many people and visited many places including the Government Office, Industrial Corporation and Museum. Therefore, the trip was very enriched with a lot of new ideas and creativities. Moreover, we did have a lot of funs and build a strong bond of frienship among our laboratorymates, professor and the local people.


true-friend said...

What a nice view of your Blog!Green of pictures in Miyake attracted me.I coudn't imagine they were sorrunded with grey and even more darkness of the people's feeling by the volcano.But,the destruction is even the start of creation and make the relationship storonger among people.So,I wonder what they'll create and look forward to the new society of this area.

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Ms. K said...

hey u have a wonderful blog here. it seems you have a lot of fun in Japan!!! keep posting!!! nice to see you here ;-)

Anonymous said...

that's nice and natural trip.

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