Monday, December 17, 2007

We Can Make A Difference!

Today it was great honored and very exciting for me to give a joint-presentation with two other officers at the United Nations University for students coming from Aoyama Gakuin Women’s Junior College. There were about 70 young pretty Japanese college women students attending our presentation. My presentation was entitled “We Can Make A Difference”. Since the students are attending the course in Environmental Science at their university at this moment, I was asked to give a presentation regarding to how young women can play a very important part in contributing to climate change and global warming.
I took a case study of illegal logging in Cambodia and other developing countries, and defined how the developed countries like US, UK and Japan involved directly and indirectly in such activities. Please look at the “China: illegal imports and exports of wood –based products 2006”.

In addition, there are two major concerns which contribute to global crisis and climate change. They are (1)lack of effective leadership and (2)incomplete education. One example to solving this global crisis which I raised is the global revolution in education. Let’s take Cambodia as an example how many children drop out school at age below 12 and imagine how those illiteracy and poor people will care about and can benefit from climate change awareness and adaptation. So how can we make a difference? When is the right time for us to act and make a better world? I have also shared them a real story of two five-year-old Japanese girls held a sale of their own clothes and toys to raise money to help poor Cambodians. I did hope this story could answer that they and we are not too young to take responsibility for our planet. In many and other ways we can be the part of the solution!


SokYeNG said...

Yeah, let's make a difference!

VChh DelPiero said...

Oh, there were many girl students. I wanna to join too,Lolz,,,

Daravuth--QuincY said...

I think you really did it well, and it would be spread out to many people how climate changes....hope to play badminton with you again..

Anonymous said...

That is an interesting topic, and you could make it. Still, I am not clear what the "global revolution in education" you meant?

Ricky said...

you are great man!!! i am so proud of what you do. make the different starting from you and me!!! Ricky

bora7Th said...

For this i think development need to think 3 main idea:
1- Economy
2- Environment
3- Calture

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